Passport Approved Top 10:

1) SEA GIRLS"All I Want To Hear You Say" (Polydor, UK)
2) GIANT ROOKS"Heat Up" (AR Entertainment, Germany)
3) LARKINS"TV Dream" (Good Soldier Songs, UK)
4) AMY LILLEY"Formidable" (Unsigned, South Africa)
5) STEREOTIDE"Hope" (Unsigned, Germany)
6) TWO YEAR VACATION"Getaway" (Cloud Hills, Sweden)
7) LEONIDEN"L.O.V.E." (Euphorie, Germany)
8) CATHOLIC GUILT"A Boutique Affair"(Wiretap Records, Australia)
9) BLACK HONEY "Beaches" (Fox Five Records, UK)
10) LAUREN WALLER"Best Coast" (Ginge Binge LLC, N. America)



Artist Of The Week

With the passing of time, adolescence and two records, the music of lifelong friends Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming, aka Hockey Dad, was inevitably bound to mature and change with them. From their humble beginnings, playing DIY shows at their local watering hole, the duo has exceeded everyone’s expectations, to become the international phenomenon they are today. The trio has garnered regular support for the past couple of years on the global tastemaker radio program Passport Approved, which broadcasts on six continents and on dozens of alternative radio stations worldwide. With the youthful debut Boronia (2016), along with their international breakthrough sophomore album Blend Inn (2018), the Hockey Dad boys have sold out theaters throughout Australia and internationally, including performances as part of the Reading and Leeds Festival, Pukkelpop and a host of others. The pair returned with a new album in July titled Brain Candy (Farmer & The Owl/BMG) featuring “I Missed Out,” the energetic and emotional track and their latest earworm “Germaphobe.” The band have recently returned to the stage, performing live during their Drive–In shows, which have been very special for them as they are now able to perform tracks from the third album for their fans.

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