Passport Approved Top 10:

1) BLOSSOMS – "Honey Sweet" (Virgin, UK)
2) SMITH & THELL – "Row" (Playground, Sweden)
3) BEN DEY & THE CONCRETE LIONS – "Life On Mars" (Unsigned, South Africa)
4) CATHOLIC ACTION – "L.U.V" (Luv Luv Luv Records, Scotland)
5) DEAF HAVANA – "Sing" (SO Recordings, UK)
6) KATΙA – "California Baby" (BMG, Scandinavia)
7) VANT - "Karma Seeker" (Parlophone, UK)
8) STARLIGHT THEATER – "Ghost" (Unsigned, Australia)
9) STATE LIGHTS – "Love Is In Your Eyes" (Unsigned, Ireland)
10) TEN TONNES – "Lucy" (Warner Music, UK)



Artist Of The Week

Originally hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, Andrew and Victoria Knopp are the duo that makes up the indie-pop act The Response. Determined to faithfully translate their expansive albums from tape to stage, The Response have crafted a live show that utilizes every one of their limbs and will leave you wondering exactly how a mere two people can make so much noise. The Response has shared the stage with a variety of musicians and acts including Baio (of Vampire Weekend fame), Big Scary and Kate Boy. After releasing their third album in 2014, North of Nowhere, the pair packed a suitcase and headed for Canada, where they have been working on new material. They released the singles “You Wanted To Go” and “Hours,” which earned them global airplay and has helped build their fan base. Produced independently, all duties from writing, recording, mixing and mastering to artwork are undertaken by the resourceful pair. The Response continue to write and record and have completed a brand new single called “Holding Out For Something,” which has been compared to Arcade Fire, Liam Finn and Grizzly Bear.