Passport Approved Top 10:

1) KING NUN"Family Portrait" (Dirty Hit, UK)
2) THE DUNTS – "Ride The Wave" (Unsigned, Scotland)
3) GO GO BERLIN"Here Comes The Darkness" (Heartbeat Music, Denmark)
4) COYLE GIRELLI"Love Kills" (Unsigned, UK)
5) TIM SCHOU"Run, Run, Run, Run, Run" (Iceberg Records, Denmark)
6) LONGFELLOW – "Therapy" (Unsigned, UK)
7) IMBIBE – "Mirage" (Unsigned, Australia)
8) THOMAS AZIER"Wicked Game" (Unsigned, Holland)
9) ALL MANKIND – "Dreamers" (Unsigned, Australia)
10) MICHEL YOUNG"Come Over" (Unsigned, Sweden)



Artist Of The Week

In 2012, Dutch–born/Berlin–based Thomas Azier released two EPs, Hylas 001 and Hylas 002 on his own Hylas Records label. The two releases helped him win the Friesland Pop Talent Award and led to a deal with Universal Music France after his booking agent Clotaire Buche discovered him in the A&R Worldwide newsletter and presented him to the major label. Two years later, he released his critically acclaimed debut album Hylas, which charted in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. The lead single “Red Eyes” was featured in the international television campaign for Yves Saint Laurent. To help build the momentum, Azier went on an extensive tour with more than 120 shows between 2013–2014, including support slots for Stromae and Woodkid. Never one to stop writing or recording, Azier continued to work on new music. When the Dutch electro–pop singer bought a 1920’s upright piano, the songs started hitting him like waves. In 2017, Azier unleashed his sophomore album, Rouge, which charted in the Top 20 of the GfK Dutch Charts. This year, Azier released the EP S T R A Y; a four–track release acting as a reflection of the experiences he has gone through, both in life and on the road. In addition to his current releases, many fans have fallen in love with his reinterpretation of the early 90s global hit “Wicked Game,” originally recorded by Chris Isaak, which he frequently performs live.

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