Passport Approved Top 10:

1) LONGFELLOW "Choose" (Fierce Panda, UK)
2) BROKEN HANDS "Meteor" (SO Recordings, UK)
3) BITTER'S KISS "No One Will" (Unsigned, N. America)
4) THE BONGO CLUB "All She Said" (Unsigned, Sweden)
5) KATA "That Ain't Love (Non Octo Remix)" (BMG, Scandinavia)
6) GO GO BERLIN "Famous Till The End" (Mermaid, Denmark)
7) PAUL CONRAD "Records" (Dew Process, Australia)
8) VANT "Parking Lot" (Parlophone, UK)
9) LILLY AMONG CLOUDS "Keep" (Wintrup, Germany)
10) THE REPSONSE "You Wanted To Go" (Unsigned, New Zealand)



Artist Of The Week

Lydmor & Bon Homme is the unification of two very different personas and well-established artists from the Nordic music scene. First, there’s the eccentric Bon Homme, born Tomas Hffding, who’s mostly known as a singer and bassist in the Copenhagen-based experimental pop trio WhoMadeWho as well as an esteemed remix artist who previously worked with Digitalism, Hot Chip and 2 Many DJ’s. Secondly, there’s Lydmor, born Jenny Roosander, who is a young singer and producer that has toured the world both as a solo act and in collaboration with established acts such as Arsenal, Alle Farben and more. Lydmor also showcased at MUSEXPO Los Angeles this past April that earned immediate positive comparisons to Bjrk, Imogen Heap and Ellie Goulding. Together as a duo, Lydmor & Bon Homme combine the best of their respective qualities; a lethal concoction of pounding beats, captivating synths and hook-ridden melodies. They are both known for their outrageously intense live sets, which can be seen in upcoming shows in Denmark, Belgium and Switzerland in the next few weeks as well as future plans to tour in support of their debut album Seven Dreams of Fire.