Passport Approved Top 10:

1) TELLA VIV"No, No, No, No" (Bolero Recordings, Sweden)
2) THE FAIM"Summer Is A Curse" (BMG, Australia)
3) THE RAH'S – "Take It All In" (Unsigned, Scotland)
4) THEODORE"Do You Know How To Fall?" (Unsigned, Greece)
5) ALL MANKIND "Help Me To My Feet" (Unsigned, Australia)
6) BLOW – "Get Some" (Sony, France)
7) THE NEW MADNESS – "Woman" (Crunchy Frog, Denmark)
8) PICTURE THIS - "When We Were Young" (Warner Music, Ireland)
9) THE DUNTS "Dimitri" (Unsigned, Scotland)
10) EMME LENTINO – "Better Than Gold" (Unsigned, New Zealand)



Artist Of The Week

Sean and the Sinners formed in Torrance, California through a series of jam sessions amongst friends. The trio’s lineup features founder Sean Colton along with bandmates Skye Emmanuel and Aaron Kaplan. In a short time, the songs that they wrote and recorded as demos landed in the hands of a number of influential industry decision makers and the band signed with Extreme Music/Sony ATV. The three–piece just unleashed their debut single, “Not Gonna Fall In Love,” which is a jab at today’s culture where everyone seems to want to act cool instead of falling in love. As the band works on the music video for the song, the track serves as the appetizer for the main course as they will release a four–song EP in the future, releasing one single at a time. The band’s musical influences include the late 90s and early 2000s California Rock and Punk bands such as blink–182, Goldfinger and Sublime, which can be heard in “Not Gonna Fall In Love.

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