Passport Approved Top 10:

1) SECRET COMPANY - "Alive" (SO Recordings, UK)
2) VANT - "Peace & Love" (Parlophone, UK)
3) CHRIS LEAMY - "American Man" (Unsigned, N. America)
4) LAUREN WALLER - "Secret Garden" (Unsigned, N. America)
5) DED RABBIT - "How To Be A Man" (Unsigned, Scotland)
6) THE BONGO CLUB - "Seventeen" (Unsigned, Sweden)
7) THE PALE WHITE - "Reaction" (Ignition Records, UK)
8) MOTIONS - "Back To Where I Begun" (Unsigned, Ireland)
9) THE BEACH - "Bite My Tongue" (Unsigned, UK)
10) THOMAS AZIER - "Gold" (Universal, Holland)



Artist Of The Week

Bracelet is a This Swedish-Danish trio boast a catchy pop sound with strong melodies and lyrics, which is no surprise considering that two of the band members are the grandsons of the legendary Benny Andersson (co-founder of the legendary ABBA). Singer/guitarist Charlie Grönvall participated in “Swedish Idol” in the fall of 2016, overcoming thousands of entries to finish as second runner-up. He is the primary songwriter for Bracelet, writing alongside famed Swedish composers including Jimmy Jansson. Charlie’s brother Felix mans the drum kit and has played with Charlie ever since his early teens, including the group Little Great Things, which toured Sweden and Europe. In 2014 Charlie and Felix met Danish bassist Rebecca Krogmann - after graduating with honors and earning a scholarship for most promising bass player, Rebecca performed over 100 shows in SoCal and Las Vegas and was listed as one of the Top 20 female bass players in Los Angeles. Rebecca found Charlie and Felix to be like-minded musicians and Bracelet was born.

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